We add value to our city!

“We have to get the bike to be a competitive conveyance above cars”

Mikael Colville-Andersen, urbanist and founder of Copenhagenize.

With the clear conviction shown by the danish bike guru on this quote, Bike Center Sevilla was born in 2017 as the first integral bike center of Andalusia. We are a unique, versatile, eclectic, and Cosmopolitan accommodation in Murillo’s gardens, that aims to become a reference enclave for Seville´s citizens, visitors, and cyclists alike.

Our facilities are open 365 days a year, in order to offer a place to go within the city, when, and with whoever you’d like. As long as it’s on a bike!

At the same time, Bike Center will also take care of spreading the offer that is Seville´s culture through our tourist information point and the rental of facilities for events and other kind of activities.

bike friendly city

Right now, Seville holds the 10º place among the best worldwide bike-friendly cities, as Copenhagenize pointed in the 2016 edition of Best bike friendly cities of the world.

This is, without a doubt, thanks to its climate, as well as its 170km. of enabled cycling lanes, which allow us to travel to the main interest points of the city from anywhere, in a time when the ecologic conscience is a priority for many travelers.

Within this context, Bike Center Sevilla is born to support sustainable mobility, to lessen cars usage, and thereby, the reduction of harmful emissions for the citizenship; at the same time as motivating the population to travel in a healthy way

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